UK based distribution company CELSUS UK have announced a major overhaul of their website which aims to become an industry reference point for product information and user-friendly navigation.

The new look encompasses the four major aftermarket channels that Celsus UK have been focussed on since the 2003; Automotive, Marine, Home & Personal and Leisure.

The company’s aim with this new e-commerce platform is to give both their trade customers and consumers an easy to use platform that educates and guides decision making instead of being solely transactional. As the world continues to shift towards the online environment, customer expectations change and Celsus UK recognised the need to improve how their products can be viewed and purchased.

Paul Baker, Celsus Managing Director said “We have created a website with a simple objective; help our customers find the best product for their vehicle, boat or home. The journey should be swift and provide the right level of information to make a confident selection.”

The centre point in the automotive section of the website is the re-built “vehicle product finder” tool which, alongside a vast increase in assigned products, now has an upgrade selector and visual clarification at make, model and head unit level.

In the marine section the company has displayed their portfolio of marine specific equipment to help trade and consumer find exactly what they are looking for much quicker. The mega-menu and side bar filtering make product selection easy.

Baker added “By creating specific sections for automotive and marine, for example, we can cater for the specific requirements of those customers. The brands and products we offer, although similar, have appeal across different market segments where customer needs are different”

Functionality improvements such as dynamic search, product attribute and budget filters, account management, product data sheets, returns module and kit bundles will be well received by both the trade and consumers alike. A vastly improved shopping experience and great support tool for the company’s current distributor and installing retailer network both in the UK and across Europe.