Castrol has refreshed its core POWER1 motorcycle and scooter lubricant range with a new 3-in-1 FORMULA, distinctive new labels, and updated packaging aimed at better suiting the needs of workshops and consumers.

The refreshed POWER1 lubricant range supports a diverse array of uses for motorcycles and scooters. Castrol POWER1’s new 3-in-1 FORMULA is engineered to perform across three critical areas: excellent power and acceleration, excellent protection, and smooth riding.

In benchmark acceleration tests during the product’s development, motorcycles using Castrol POWER1​ could travel eight metres further than motorcycles using a generic market oil for bikes and scooters1. In addition, Castrol POWER1​ was found to provide 50% better wear protection versus industry limits2, and it enabled smooth acceleration without any slips or judders3.

Besides the new formulation, packaging for the Castrol POWER1 range now features Castrol’s refreshed brand identity that was launched in 2023. It also includes customer-centric labelling aimed at helping consumers easily locate the right product for their motorcycle or scooter.

The packaging for Castrol’s small pack product range in Europe has been updated to use less plastic. The company’s new five-litre bottle uses 20% less plastic compared to the previous five-litre bottle4, one of the best-selling products in the Castrol range5. It is expected that these measures will help to save 1,000 tonnes of plastic use in Europe on an annual basis when compared to previous small bottle designs and aggregated across the full bottle range6. These new bottles were introduced in several of Castrol’s key international markets, including India and China in 2019, which meant 4,000 tonnes of plastic were saved compared to the previous small bottle designs6.​

The introduction of the newly designed bottles is part of Castrol’s delivery of its PATH360 sustainability strategy7 that sets out aims to help save waste, reduce carbon and improve lives.

Castrol is the world’s number-one selling lubricant brand for two-wheelers8 and is trusted by MotoGP teams Aprilia and LCR Honda.