With cheap bulbs still the standard replacement choice, renowned lighting specialist, OSRAM, is urging technicians to think again and consider the benefits of selling customers an upgraded bulb instead!

It’s a well-known saying – “buy cheap, buy twice” – so why does the trade tend to compromise on quality when having to choose products for its customers? Technicians naturally want to make a good margin for the parts and consumables they fit, so does that mean they often overlook the best brand? When it comes to ordering their products, workshops shouldn’t simply look at the price, but instead, the brand, the longevity of the product and its quality. If the part is of premium quality, it stands to reason that it will not need replacing as quickly as a product that is cheaper, but ultimately of poorer quality.

As well as providing customers with a better experience, this policy also creates a greater profit margin for the workshop – so is a win-win for both sides.

Furthermore, technicians should also be urging their customers to allow them to replace bulbs in pairs, rather than just changing the one broken or burnt-out. Like socks and shoes, headlights are always better when changed in pairs. Replacing just one failed bulb can result in an unbalanced or unpredictable headlight beam that can cause serious hazards for the driver and other road users. A car is designed so that it works best when both lights are functioning equally, only then will drivers get the full advantage of the combined headlight beam. In addition, if one bulb has failed, it’s reasonable to think that the other might follow, so to avoid this inconvenience, replacing both is common sense.

Therefore, OSRAM is encouraging technicians to begin asking customers: “would you prefer your bulb brighter or whiter?” when it comes to replacing these safety critical components in a vehicle this winter. This simple question will prompt a conversation about quality and, if they are happy to upgrade their bulbs, it will provide them with a better driving experience, as they will be able to see the road clearer and see potential hazards earlier.

One of OSRAM’s leading products is its NIGHT BREAKER 200, the most powerful halogen bulb the company offers, with up to 200% more brightness and up to 20% whiter light, when compared to the minimum legal standard, they generate up to a 150m long beam of light on the road ahead.

This product is one of the bestselling bulbs in OSRAM’s upgrade portfolio and is highly regarded in the industry, especially as it was recently recognised in Auto Express’s 2023 Product Awards. All of this information provides technicians with an excellent upselling opportunity, as it demonstrates the quality and brightness of this range.

The NIGHT BREAKER 200 is available in H4, H7 and H11 ECE bulb types.

For more information on the full OSRAM range visit: www.osram.co.uk/am