BILSTEIN, the respected German suspension manufacturer, has released news of its much-vaunted BILSTEIN B6 damper package for the endlessly entertaining B48 and B58 engined F80 3-series in its many forms, including the all-consuming M3 variant. As the early cars are now some 6 years old, this kit can make a huge difference to vehicle dynamics.

BILSTEIN has been one of the premiere names in suspension tuning forever and it’s hard to go wrong with any of its set-ups. Despite the obvious Ultimate Driving machine credentials, it seems there’s still plenty of wiggle room to make a difference in the handling department for the F80 range of 3-series BMWs. Turns out, these B6 dampers make a world of a difference when it comes to both compliance and control – particularly with the latest Electronic Damper Control from the Bavarian masters of rear wheel drive balance.

Because they work with the car’s stock suspension modes, you can adjust them from Comfort to Sport or even Sport Plus, just like the standard F80 suspension. In Comfort mode, the BILSTEIN B6 dampers, with some suitably rated lowered springs (check out the Eibach range for a suitable spring setup), offers significantly better feel. It’s far more comfortable and compliant than before while also feeling more stable and eliminating most of the car’s body roll altogether.

In Sport and Sport Plus modes, the car obviously becomes stiffer, yet remains compliant enough for everyday use. So, the new suspension setup really transforms the car. It also helps keep the driven end more planted, allowing it to put down its substantial power in a more linear and progressive way. Have an F80 series car that feels a bit too sketchy, a bit to tail-happy to drive quickly? Then BILSTEIN invariably has the answer, something that the rear wheel drive Bavarian enthusiasts will be pleased to hear.

The BILSTEIN dampers that come in this kit draw heavily from the firm’s motorsport heritage and are carefully matched units, using BILSTEIN’S pioneering design and gas pressure technology. After full dyno analysis, each kit application has been signed off by BILSTEIN test drivers and engineers at both the Nürburgring as well as the industry-leading Papenburg test facility – hence the reason that the BILSTEIN B6 kit offers such a peerless ride and handling balance.

The kit comes with a comprehensive 2-year, unlimited mileage warranty. As one might expect from BILSTEIN, full TÜV approval for every single application comes as standard.
The combined effect of the B6 dampers is a car with less body roll that corners with vastly improved dynamics and comfort. Thanks to reduced squat and dive, acceleration and braking characteristics are also enhanced.

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