Axalta, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, today announced the launch of its Imron® 2K high durability clearcoat for commercial vehicle customers in Europe. This innovative technology combines nanoparticles with a flexible resin network to create a clearcoat with anti-abrasive properties that delivers superior surface protection even after months of exposure to severe climate conditions.

Axalta’s Imron 2K high durability clearcoat is environmentally friendly with a low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, and has excellent resistance to sagging, bending or drooping of the coating when wet resulting in an overall outstanding appearance. When fully cured, the product resists scratches from wash brushes and abrasive materials.

“The Imron 2K high durability clearcoat is advantageous for commercial vehicle customers looking for a product that maintains its gloss even after continuous washing,” said Neville Rhodes, European Director of Commercial Transportation Coatings at Axalta. “Utilising new technologies and the highest quality ingredients and properties, this innovative clearcoat achieves four times better gloss retention after washing compared to similar products, delivering an impeccable overall appearance.”

Marko Strukelj, Global Product Director for Commercial Transportation Coatings at Axalta, said, “We are excited to introduce this clearcoat into the Imron product portfolio for the European market. We’ve designed Imron coatings to deliver consistent, premium-quality results with superior durability for today’s commercial transportation vehicles.”

Axalta offers a full range of solvent- and waterborne Imron coating solutions for the transportation sector in Europe, including 1K and 2K topcoat systems. These environmentally-friendly and easy-to-use products deliver superior overall appearance and durability year after year.

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