Increased demand at new tools brand AJD Tools has resulted in an expanded product range, including new pressure testing equipment.

The new-to-range Universal Digital Pressure Tester replaces several diagnostics kits in just one set, measuring diesel and petrol compression, and gives key pressure readings of oil, turbo, and cooling systems.

Featuring a seven-inch colour TFT touchscreen display and powered by a USB-rechargeable battery, the Universal Digital Pressure Tester kit features eight specific adaptors required for quick coupling.

AJD Tools’ new universal tester also measures AdBlue pressure, fuel low pressure, vacuum pressure, and particle filter pressure, and as an optional extra, fuel high pressure.

Newly introduced to AJD Tools’ online shop is a Diesel High Pressure Kit, which allows mechanics to test the diesel common rail pressure easily and safely and bypass any failed sensors – working in conjunction with the new Universal Digital Pressure Tester to provide pressure test results.

The hoses included in the Diesel High Pressure Kit set will allow technicians to measure and diagnose most usual common rail engine pressure faults. The kit includes a 2000 bar sensor, a sensor plug for direct pump pressure, and two M12 x 150 hoses for the most common applications and a retrieving reservoir.

AJD Tools’ new Common Rail Caps Set is used in association with the Diesel High Pressure Kit and allows closure of fuel injectors directly on the common rail. Compatible with three-, four-, five- or six-cylinder diesel engines, the caps help technicians identify if an injector is leaking. The Common Rail Caps Set includes six M12 x 150 plugs and six M14 x 150 plugs.

AJD Tools’ new Common Rail Dummy Regulator Set means technicians can bypass the fuel pump’s regulator to quickly diagnose any pump issues.
The range of dummy plugs can be substituted into the port once the regulator is removed. If the pressure returns to normal, the regulator causes the loss of pressure. If the pressure stays too low, the pump is defective.