In 1961 Jaguar introduced the E-Type to the world at the Geneva Motor Show as a rear-wheel drive grand tourer in a two-seater fixed head coupé form and as an open two-seater convertible “roadster.” Sixty years on, the E-Type has become THE British Classic in the hearts and minds not only of car lovers, but of the British public in general. So, how do you set about making something great, even better? As far as suspension is concerned Koni believes it has the answer in its Classic Range of Shock Absorbers.

When the E-Type was being designed, the Coventry engineers spared little in giving it high-level automotive technology. It was fast – 150mph fast – and, in pursuit of top-grade handling, it featured independent coil spring rear suspension and torsion bar front suspension.

As with many cars, however, even something good can be improved upon and legendary suspension company, Koni introduced their famous ‘Special D’ dampers for the E-Type in the mid-sixties to give an improvement in overall road handling and, in particular, reduce body roll. While the basic damper technology remains similar, the dampers have been refined and improved over the years and, with the latest internal configuration, these are now available in Koni’s Classic dampers range.

Performance Parts RFT offers Koni Classic dampers for all versions of the E-Type, These are painted in Classic gloss black and sport the Classic Koni “wing logo” to match the style of the car and fit in with the preferences of Jaguar owners and restorers.

The advantages that Koni Classic dampers offer the E-Type over the standard units are increased dynamics on the road, together with more precise reaction in to steering input from the driver. The Koni units are also adjustable for rebound damping force and, overall offer more control, better road handling and of course adjustability.

Koni can therefore offer an E-Type owner the option of setting the car’s suspension to suit their preferred driving preferences and style. To keep the comfort levels of the original car Koni recommends fitting the dampers at the minimum position – as they come out of the box – as this is the setting devised by the Koni development engineers. However, if the driver is intent on a more sporty driving style and ride, a half turn, or a full turn will achieve this.

“The E-Type is the embodiment of the British Classic for many enthusiasts and it has a huge following worldwide,” enthuses Performance Parts RFT General Manager, Trevor Leigh. “Sixty years on we are delighted to be able to help add to E-Type owners’ enjoyment of this fantastic car by giving it enhanced ride and handling, while still staying true to the original design and engineering concepts that have made the E-Type such a legend.”