Last year, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders ranked Tesla’s Model Y and 3 as the UK’s most popular electric cars, with more than 35,000 and almost 20,000 vehicles sold respectively. As Tesla continues to make its mark in the UK car parc, Maverick Diagnostics is making its own mark by getting ahead of the curve and connecting the automotive aftermarket with the tools to diagnose these vehicles.

The LOKI Tesla diagnostic tool, for example, is the first supported aftermarket Tesla tool. Compatible with the bestselling Model Y and 3, as well as the X and S, the tool is an all-encompassing diagnostic, repair and configuration device. It boasts a custom-built, user-friendly interface with automatic software updates and support live data from CAN, self-testing and calibration, and ‘read and clear’ alerts.

Training advised

As Tesla models do not have standard diagnostic connectors, Maverick Diagnostics believes it would be advantageous for technicians to invest in the company’s IMI-accredited EV and hybrid training. The Automotive Training Academy in Wrexham, with a built-in workshop, is the ideal setting for students to put theory into practice for the real-world.

The training is delivered by qualified and experienced trainers and puts the very latest tools and equipment at the hands of independent technicians. With weekend bookings available, Maverick Diagnostics is confident the flexibility and qualifications gained will be the perfect match.

In the case of the LOKI Tesla diagnostic tool, training will help technicians connect and use it, thus, improving efficiency, staff confidence and ability, and facility to keep work in-house – ultimately, unlock its full potential.

Furthermore, the accompanying diagnostics laptop/PC will require several, unique configurations at use – but this is included in the bundle price – while the tool will require registration with LOKI before the software is accessible.

EV and plug-in hybrid battery testing

As well as the LOKI Tesla diagnostic tool, Maverick Diagnostics also distributes independent battery tests for EVs and plug-in hybrids – further illustrating the company’s unwavering commitment to providing independent aftermarket professionals the tools to offer a comprehensive menu of services for alternatively-fuelled cars.

In partnership with AVILOO, a developer of diagnostic solutions, Maverick Diagnostics brings yet another aftermarket first in the shape of independent testing that measures EV and plug-in hybrid battery conditions.

In just three minutes, a ‘Flash’ test generates an analysis of a traction battery while a vehicle is stationary. The diagnostic tool measures several parameters – vehicle communication, battery controller, HV battery state, LV system and battery history – before offering a manufacturer-independent test score between one and 100. Technicians can then illustrate that score and the test’s overall findings to customers with a report.

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