Damar International Limited are pleased to announce that they have now expanded their wide range of superior tools and equipment to include the SONIC brand.

SONIC have been having great success in many territories around the world and this agreement ensures that the relatively new brand is now fully available to the UK and international markets covered by Damar.

Offering a vast selection of tool trolleys, storage systems and work stations in particular SONIC have now been approved by the prestigious Volkswagen Group with whom Damar already have a special relationship in the supply of tools and equipment. The SONIC S9 model covers the basic package with the S12 model being the answer for extended kits.
Recently Porsche in Taiwan has fully equipped its workshop with the SONIC Modular Storage System and this was provided with all parts in a grey house colour to meet the demands of the customer.

In a similar manner Mercedes Benz in Taiwan has gone for the SONIC Modular Storage System but this time all parts in blue and customized to suit the customer.
Success follows the trend with Lamborghini/Bentley Saudi Arabia equipping their garages with the SONIC Modula Storage System specifically chosen by the technical staff to meet their individual needs.

In addition to the clever storage options with tool kits of all quantities SONIC offer a full range of conventional and special automotive tools as well as power lights, floor jacks, boosters and chargers, etc all of which add up to a highly impressive catalogue covering over 250 pages.

View catalogue: www.sonic-equipment.com/unitedkingdom/catalogue/