All our vehicle standards assessors at authorised testing facilities (ATFs) can now capture heavy goods vehicle (HGV), bus and coach (PSV) and trailer test results in real time by using our vehicle testing app.

Capturing this information as the test is conducted produces more accurate and timely vehicle testing records.

In the longer term this will also improve the MOT test history service for your customers.

Where is the app being used?

The app is now live at every ATF testing HGVs and PSVs.

And we’ve completed around 100,000 annual tests since the rollout began.

Next steps

Following delivery of the vehicle testing app, we’re well underway with plans to develop an online platform on GOV.UK for ATFs.

The ‘Manage your ATF’ portal will give you greater transparency on financial transactions, test activity and lane utilisation.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress through our Moving On blog and the ATF newsletter. Email your network business manager if you’re not signed up to get it.

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