BILSTEIN B4 air spring module for Mercedes-Benz C Class W205/S205

Mercedes and BILSTEIN are tied by a history of collaboration in original equipment that spans more than 60 years. But the two companies have worked together also in the field of air suspension. While this type of suspension used to be initially reserved for high-end vehicle classes, it did find its way into the C class with the W205/S205 series. Thanks to this, the fourth generation of models offers astounding long-distance qualities. The first cars have been on the road for more than four years, which is tantamount to six-digit mileages especially when it comes to heavy-duty company cars. This means that, just like with conventional shock absorbers, there is an increased need for wear-and-tear repairs. With the BILSTEIN B4 air suspension modules designed to meet all original equipment standards, BILSTEIN gives workshops exactly the spare parts that they need.
Guaranteeing a showroom-fresh driving experience, BILSTEIN B4 air suspension modules are in a positively different quality class than reworked old parts, which are frequently sold as “remanufactured”. While such parts may be perceived by customers as being less expensive, the sum of their properties can have a lot of downsides. That’s because they often use a new air spring but not a new shock absorber or electromagnetic control valve, which is just a recipe for trouble.
To test this theory, BILSTEIN’s own engineers bought a part on the internet and put it to the test. Aside from some wear parts which had been replaced unprofessionally, the air spring module housed a shock absorber more than a decade old. That might come as quite a nasty surprise, if you’re the unlucky owner…
All the more reason to opt for a brand new BILSTEIN B4 air spring module, in other words, a product that does not compromise on the comfort, safety, and durability. Add to this the fact that all standard suspension features are preserved after the replacement—which is something not half the products offered by the competition can claim. Passivity instead of activity? Clearly not an option for BILSTEIN.
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