As part of my college course I had to remove and replace an alternator on a Honda Accord.  I was given the special 3/8” twister ratchet to use.  It helped me to reach a bolt on the tensioner that was awkward to get to with my normal 3/8” ratchet.

I think the twister ratchet would be useful for a technician as it could save them time and help them to complete jobs on time more often.

It feels a well-made, solid ratchet that I think will last a good amount of time. The ratchet can be used as in a normal ratchet however once the fastener is looser then the twister mechanism allows the user to turn the socket by rotating the handle in either direction.  You cannot apply a large amount of torque in this mode but it is quick and does not require much room to complete it in.

Overall I think that the twister ratchet should gain a place in a technician’s box as it can carry out the task of a normal wrench as well as bringing an extra dimension that will help remove and replace hard to reach fasteners and speed up tasks throughout the day.

Written By Dan Nicholls Level One Light Vehicle Repair.