A technical training seminar, hosted by the Federation of Engine Re-manufacturers (FER) in partnership with MS Motorservice, will explore the challenges facing component manufacturers as a result of changing CO2 emissions requirements.

To be held on 27th February at The Diamond in the University of Sheffield, the event will provide an insight on European legislation for CO2 emissions for petrol and diesel engines in 2020 and beyond.

Attendees will learn about the complete EGR system that is Euro 6 compliant; the main components; the function of the components and how they work; cooling systems; water pumps (including electrical, mechanical, construction, faults and how they can reduce CO2); new components for legislation beyond Euro 6 including Evap, secondary air pumps and temperature sensors; and new products, such as hybrid and electric vehicles, entering the market.

FER’s Operations Manager, Owen Laurenson, said: “There’s no denying that there are plenty of challenges facing component manufacturers as a result of the government’s push to reduce CO2 emissions. However, forward-thinking Original Equipment, aftermarket companies, such as MS Motorservice, are setting a trend, and with their insight, the industry can continue to thrive, while helping to protect the environment.

“We urge all members to attend what will be a very informative presentation on the latest CO2 Emissions Reduction Challenge.”

The event, which will begin at 7pm, is free to attend and is open to all FER, IMI, MechE, SOE and IAEA members.

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