At today’s SMMT 2020 update live, all the speakers were united in urging the UK government to help the automotive industry, especially where “opportunities are hard to find” George Gillespie, President said.

In his keynote speech Mr Gillespie also said that the industry “must be one of the industries that the economy is rebuilt upon after Covid” and added that the message must be “Let us Build back together.”

It was Chief Executive, Mike Hawes that opened the event and was equally hard hitting in is comments, not only about the industry being one of the keys to the economic recovery from the Coronavirus crisis but also in preparations for BREXIT which is coming up on the horizon again, insisting “We need a deal” and urging to keep the motor industry “vibrant and competitive”, insisting that the first opportunity was tomorrows chancellor winter financial statement.

Indeed the Chief Executive of the SMMT proposed a three point plan

  • Show consumers the money, new technology is expensive, so competitive grants are needed as well as making EVs tax free and make them affordable for all
  • Make charging as easy as refuelling, pointing out that residential and public charging must go further and much faster
  • Assuring that the green industrial resolution is “Made in Britain” and providing the investment and competitive conditions to support manufacturing.

Secretary of state for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Alok Sharma MP, also spoke at the event admitting that “This has been an extraordinary tough year. Not only have we seen the sector battle against all the odds to continue production, the industry has made PPE, thrown itself into the ventilator challenge, to keep our economy literally moving & so much more, thank you”