While Revive Turbo Cleaner & Power Restorer was born and bred right here in the UK and continues to thrive among trade technicians and car enthusiasts at home, the brand is equally-renowned and trusted around the world with international distributors varying from Australia and New Zealand to the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa.

Large quantities of Revive’s Turbo Cleaner & Power Restorer, which ‘Brings Your Engine Back to Life’ thanks to a spray of water-based fluid into the vehicle’s intake system which removes soot and carbon deposits, are shipped across the world to the likes of the United States, Canada, Australia, Norway and South Korea.

In fact, it is South Korea which is one of Revive’s fastest-growing markets. Despite only establishing distribution in January this year, the environmentally-friendliness and quality of Turbo Cleaner & Power Restorer treatment has impressed.

Sales and Marketing Manager, Andy Amor, said: “Our distributor is a well-established diesel equipment specialist, who has an excellent reputation in South Korea and has a very large database of customers. We have regular contact, which has strengthened the relationship and trust.

“This is no different to how we operate in any other country, but it seems that we’ve found a particularly enthusiastic partner, who is good at communicating the benefits of using Revive to its customers and knows the product works from all the positive feedback it has received.

“I am very thankful for the distributor’s commitment to our brand and would like to bottle its recipe for success.”

Export success down to ‘brand awareness and global demand for solution’

 Revive’s export journey only began four years ago through a customer based near Bordeaux, France, before securing distribution status in the United States in the same year. Today Revive exports to 27 countries, which, according to Andy, is down to two main factors:

“Firstly, exhibiting at major international events, in pivotal trade cities like Frankfurt, Paris, Bologna and Las Vegas, has been critical for brand awareness and exposure. It’s been paramount for us to make those markets aware of the Revive brand and its products.

“Also, soot-related issues are a global concern, so the opportunities are huge. We’ve learnt that it takes commitment, focus and a good customer/supplier relationship to be successful, and we have applied that to the export market.”

Introduction of BIG-T

 In its continued quest to address market-specific needs across the pond, Revive has launched BIG-T into the North American market. Utilising its masterful knowledge of the American and Canadian industry, as well as its experts based at home thousands of miles away in Melksham, the Revive team identified a trend in the diesel pick-up market and produced a solution to remove soot and carbon deposits from vehicles fitted with an engine with more than a 5.0l capacity.

Andy explained further: “With the diesel pick-up market growing, it’s important that we offer customers a dedicated kit which is easy to apply.

“Having personally treated a Ford F350 Powerstroke in Michigan with two 750ml bottles, it was obvious to me that we had to simplify the process with three doses of 500ml. The BIG-T kit, therefore, includes three 500ml, which should be applied at specific RPMs, making it as simple as 1-2-3.”

Although options always remain open, the BIG-T kit is not currently sold in the UK because the market does not currently require it; however, the launch is yet another example of the British manufacturer thriving around the globe. See more of Revive