Autoglym Unveils Revised Odour Eliminator
with Fragrance Release Technology

By its very nature, car care is an overwhelmingly visual practice and pastime. Unsightly marks, chips, bird mess, tree-sap and sticky finger-marks can serve to take the shine off a car in a very literal fashion, but they’re far from the only forms of contaminant which can have a negative impact on your pride and joy. Worst of all, a whiffy interior can do more damage to your car and your social circle than you might ever have imagined, which is why Autoglym has re-worked and re-launched its Odour Eliminator, the ultimate tool against nasty niffs and bad smells!

One of the more challenging aspects of a poor-smelling car interior is how best to remove it, especially when new ‘clouds’ of odour tend to be emitted when sections of the predominantly fabric upholstery are compressed, for example when they’re sat upon. It’s a surprisingly tricky conundrum and one which has been a thorny issue for car care aficionados for years.

What’s especially clever about Autoglym’s new-and-improved Odour Eliminator is that it effectively turns the dilemma outlined above on its head; the product has been carefully formulated with Fragrance Release Technology, which deposits encapsulated fragrance into the interior fabrics. Thanks to the ingenious tech, these pleasant smelling particles are re-activated each and every time the fabric in question is sat upon, releasing a fresh burst of fragrance which can last for weeks.

Autoglym’s industry leading R&D lab has once again served them well, with the result being Odour Eliminator’s ability to totally neutralise foul smells rather than merely covering or masking them. The active ingredients contained within it go to work the moment they’re sprayed, neutralising the particles which create odors on a molecular level, and at speed – Odour Eliminator can have your car smelling fresh and redolent within moments!

Odour Eliminator’s special formulation means that it’s a powerful weapon to have at your disposal, and one you should keep in your car at all times. It should be your first and last line of defense against smells caused by cigarettes, pets, food and much more, while the fact that it’s sold within a handy, 500ml spray bottle means that it’s simplicity itself to use.

Price: £8.20 (500ml)

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