According to the latest motor industry figures, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular amongst UK drivers. Over 2,500 were sold last month alone, a 243% increase compared to February 2019. Their overall market share year-to-date has also jumped from 0.8% to just over 3% in 2020, highlighting the fact that reducing the impact on the environment is becoming a more prominent factor in the purchasing decision of today’s motorists.

In light of this notable shift in buying behaviour, The Motor Ombudsman has introduced new resources on its website during the past 12 months to act as a reference point for information on battery-powered cars. Firstly, the automotive dispute resolution provider created a new category on its popular Knowledge Base dedicated to EVs, addressing some of the issues raised by individuals when purchasing and servicing this type of car. Subjects include whether EVs fall within the remit of The Motor Ombudsman’s CTSI-approved Codes of Practice, and what to do if consumers have a complaint about one that they own. The ten articles listed within this section have already received in excess of 1,400 views since going live last October, and additional content based on user enquiries and searches on will be uploaded during the coming months.

Furthermore, a guide on electric vehicle servicing, outlining some of the key differences between maintaining an EV and a car powered by a traditional combustion engine, was  published, as an MOT also varies slightly (for example, there is no emissions test). In fact, a YouGov poll commissioned by The Motor Ombudsman last year revealed that the majority of people (84%) would not know of a local business where they could take it for its annual service. In response to these findings, the body upgraded its Garage Finder so that an accredited garage can now voluntarily request that a car and plug symbol is placed on their profile page to make it easier and quicker for drivers to search for and identify a nearby business that is able to service and repair electric vehicles (EVs). Many have already signed up to have this feature displayed, and The Motor Ombudsman is encouraging more garages to follow suit.

As electric cars and alternatively fuelled cars gain even greater prominence, the Ombudsman will be looking to bring further additions to its website, so as to stay up-to-date with the latest technological developments and keep consumers, and businesses alike, suitably informed.

For more information on how to become accredited to The Motor Ombudsman, click here.