Since 2015 the German motor oil specialist LIQUI MOLY is the official oil supplier for the Moto2 and Moto3 World Championships. All of the teams are using the motor oil. “This is a great distinction for us, that the racing series has selected us as their exclusive oil supplier”, stated Peter Baumann, Marketing Director at LIQUI MOLY.

“I believe that the fact that we produce exclusively in Germany to maintain our uniformly high quality standard, was also a major contributing factor in this decision”, continued Baumann. The company also uses the racing series as a test laboratory for its own oil development. The motor oil couldn’t possibly be subjected to any more stress than there: extreme rotational speeds, extreme temperatures, extreme load changes.

The feedback from the drivers and mechanics provides valuable information on how to get even more performance out of the oil. “We work together with the teams to further improve our formulation.” Not only the pros of Moto2 and Moto3 profit from this, but rather every motorcyclist. This is because, when oil proves itself on the racing route, it also delivers the highest performance on the road. Peter Baumann: “We want to make this uncompromising performance available to every motorcyclist.”

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