Milltek Innovations Announced As Exclusive UK Supplier For BAK Performance Carbon Fibre Steering Wheels For VW Group Models

There’s a very good chance that the majority of you reading this take your car’s steering wheel for granted, and Milltek Sport think that that’s a shame, certainly a missed opportunity. You see apart from the obvious practical advantages (advantages which include being able to physically control the direction in which you’re traveling), steering wheels can have a massive impact on how your particular vehicle ‘feels’ and drives. With this in mind, Milltek has announced a partnership with BAK Performance, makers of some of the most impressively engineered wheels currently on the market, meaning owners of VW Group cars will be able to experience the difference such a wheel can make for themselves.

While hardly a new addition to the aftermarket, non-standard steering wheels can be one of the most worthwhile changes an individual can make to their car’s interior, especially if the wheel in question comes from BAK Performance. BAK Performance effectively blend the advantages of OEM with the very best that the aftermarket can muster, which in practice means that its wheels sport VW cores (albeit thickened for improved feel) and uniquely designed ‘sides’ and frames, the latter rendered in high grade carbon fibre. It’s very much the ‘best of both worlds,’ with tremendous scope for owners to design that best reflects their personality and driving style.

The levels to which BAK Performance have gone to to make their wheels suitable to people of all tastes is nothing short of breathtaking, with the carbon fibre frames being a good example. Not only is carbon fibre significantly lighter than any of the materials used by VW as standard, it’s also incredibly strong, especially when expertly combined with the OEM core. Both black and red carbon fibre hues are currently available, but BAK Performance is in the process of developing an expanded range of colours slated for release in the New Year.

BAK Performance’s commitment to customisation extends beyond the carbon frames though, with customers also able to take full control over pretty much every other aspect of their wheel. Sides can be specified in either leather or perforated leather (standard option) and stitching can be in an array of colours including red, blue or silver. The centre return mark can also be tweaked depending on taste, with red, blue, silver or even the red, yellow and black of the German flag.

A final note on BAK Performance’s willingness to cater to the demands of individuals, the firm is able to carry out fully paid up, utterly bespoke, custom wheel builds using any, all or none of the variables listed above. Get in touch with Milltek Innovations if this is something you’re interested in pursuing.

BAK Performance’s willingness to work within the framework of the OEM wheel shouldn’t be ignored, and it means that installation will be both swift and simple. It also permits the wheel to be used with both manual and DSG transmissions, and even Racingline’s highly regarded Piano Black/Titanium paddle kit.

The benefits of a more performance-focussed steering wheel are myriad, but one of the most obvious (not to mention significant) must be the vastly enhanced control they offer the driver. A small wheel with added grips will give you greater control over your car, allowing for more precise steering inputs to be made, which in turn results in a more enjoyable driving experience and can, on a track at least, result in reduced lap times. BAK Performance wheels boast additional finger grooves at the rear of the rim for this very purpose.

Last but no means least, BAK Performance offers an exchange programme on all its wheels, one which ensures you won’t have to spend weeks with a useless, steering wheel-less car! Best of all, BAK Performance will even pay you £75 for your old, OEM wheel should you decide you don’t wish to keep it. Factor in the firm’s impressively robust, 1-year warranty, and it becomes plain to see why they’ve proved so popular.

BAK Performance steering wheels are available exclusively in the UK via Milltek Innovations, Milltek Sport’s offshoot dedicated to non-exhaust aftermarket hardware.

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Fitment Options:
– VW Golf Mk7 GTI/GTD/GTD/R VW Passat VW Tiguan
– VW Amorak VW Polo VW Beetle
– VW T6 VW Up! VW Scirocco