Ignition cables.

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The ignition cable is a simple yet essential element of the engine. It delivers power to the spark plug with a high potential difference, between 30,000 and 50,000 volts, which is generated by the ignition coil.

Characterised by a conductor core in copper, subjected to a galvanising process capable of protecting the core against oxidation, and by an insulating sheath, this cable has a resistance that must be suitable for the ignition system, generally between 1 and 8 kΩ.

In order to resist these critical conditions, the cables must meet a series of fundamental requirements. The main features of a high voltage cable are: excellent insulating properties, resistance to high temperatures – as high as 200 °C – and resistance to vibrations as well as variations in temperature and humidity. It must also ensure the utmost reliability, even, and above all, in extreme conditions.

Why check the ignition cables?

The ignition cable should be checked regularly, and if necessary should be replaced in order to guarantee optimum conditions in the motor. When it is exposed to vibrations, heat and chemical corrosion, over time it tends to loose its ability to conduct electricity between the coil and the spark plug.

Furthermore, ignition cables can also be damaged in several ways as a result of: incorrect installation, often too close or in direct contact with heat sources, frequent incorrect ignitions or if humidity penetrates inside the connector, incorrect removal of the cable, cables contaminate with petrol and oil, a compromised seal and penetrating humidity.

When ignition cables begin to deteriorate, peculiar conditions occur, including:

The engine runs at minimum revs in an irregular manner, the engine does not start, you can hear interferences when listening to the radio, fuel consumption increases, the exhaust gas test is failed due to high hydrocarbon emissions, or because a cylinder malfunction is detected, the engine warning light comes on.

What does Japanparts Group offer?

Covering 81% of vehicles on the road, Japanparts Group presents a range with more than 300 part numbers available for Asian, European and American vehicles.

The company offers the complete kit for ignition cables, perfectly assembled and suitable for quick use.  The quality of Japanparts, Ashika and Japko products is guaranteed by copper conductors with pre-installed suppressors and wire leads, which ensure perfect watertight seals. They are equipped with a silicon rubber sheath which, compared to classic PVC, becomes brittle and cracked at a much slower rate, even in extreme conditions with high temperatures approaching 220 °C, or in the presence of oil or petrol. This silicon rubber has the highest class of thermal resistance, in accordance with what is indicated in standard ISO 3808 (class F, up to 220 °C).

They are guaranteed for 24 months and offer an alternative with equal quality to the original product.

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