Technology supports safety-relevant driver assistance functions, such as ‘blind spot monitor’ and ‘rear cross traffic alert’.

Japanese automotive manufacturer, Suzuki Motor Corporation, a market leader in the compact car segment, has launched new vehicles onto the market. The advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) installed in the Suzuki Swift and Swift Sport is also based on 24 GHz radar sensor technology from HELLA. After debuting on the Suzuki Vitara in 2018, HELLA’s 24 GHz radars are now featured on Suzuki’s new flagship models, enabling safety-relevant driver assistance functions, such as blind spot monitor and rear cross traffic alert.

While the blind spot monitor detects the area in the driver’s blind spot and warns them of danger when changing lanes, the rear cross traffic alert warns the driver of approaching vehicles when manoeuvring out of a parking space.    

“Our radar technology is an essential part of ADAS. We are therefore grateful for the opportunity to work with Suzuki to develop specific safety features for the new generation of the Swift and Swift Sport,” says Lonny Chick, a Managing Director of HELLA Japan. “This is an important step to grow our relationship with Suzuki and to further expand our presence in the Japanese automotive market. Based on this, we look forward to continuing our efforts to provide added value solutions for both Suzuki and its end consumer.”

HELLA has been active in the radar business for around 20 years and was one of the first companies to start series production of 24 GHz radar sensors for rear applications. Ever since, HELLA has continuously been improving the technology, strengthening its position of global market leader in the field with more than 30 million sensors manufactured. Earlier this year, HELLA also commenced series production of the latest radar generation on a 77 GHz basis.