The current generation of the Mercedes C-Class has noticeably lost its topicality – six years after its market launch and despite the facelift that took place in 2018. To give the specimen shown here a new, modern and fresh touch, it was equipped with a set of first-class rims from Cor.Speed Sports Wheels.

The recently launched Cor.Speed Kharma wheels are mounted on the axles of the popular Stuttgart limousine. Not only are they weight-optimised thanks to the flow forming process, they also show a new, asymmetrical 5-spoke design and a pronounced concavity. The finish in hi-gloss bronze brushed is also extremely distinctive and of exceptional quality. The dimensions are 9×20 inches on the front and 10×20 inches on the rear axle, the tires measure 225/35R20 and 255/30R20.  The additional lowering of the body by 45 millimetres at the front and 35 millimetres at the rear is due to a KW Variant 3 coilover suspension.

Breathtaking videos and pictures from Cor.Speed are available on the YouTube channel “Corspeed Sports Wheels” and interactively on the Instagram profile “corspeed.sports.wheels” or the Facebook page “Barracuda Europe Racing Wheels”. The light alloy wheels from the extensive Cor.Speed range are available in car dealerships or from well-stocked tire and specialist retailers.

Alternatively, for price and delivery information, they are available directly from: