Auto Windscreens’ Managing Director Rupert Armitage talks to us about their ADAS recalibration solution

Rupert Armitage

When Thatcham released an assessment of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration systems and process management in March 2017 citing its concerns about third party aftermarket tools, I cannot claim to have been surprised. Thatcham declared in the report that recalibration aftermarket tools “do not cover all vehicles in the UK car parc… Also, the systems do not calibrate all of the ADAS components that might be found on a particular vehicle, for example they may calibrate the front camera but not the radar.”

The report highlighted the numerous implications that may compromise the safety of the customer, from not being able to recalibrate certain makes and models to out of date and incompatible technology with the vehicle’s ADAS features.
The solution to ADAS recalibration is extremely complicated and it is an issue that has been debated at length. We at Auto Windscreens have spent the last two years working with vehicle manufacturers, so that we understand the implication of replacing a windscreen fitted with ADAS. It is my personal belief that, before-long, direct partnerships with the vehicle manufacturers themselves will be the only compliant method of recalibration, a method that Auto Windscreens has pioneered and has been officially endorsed by Volkswagen Group, Toyota and Mazda to name but three.
Through our experience, we believe there are numerous advantages to partnering with us and in particular for garages, they include:
Investment Free: first off, there’s no need to pay for aftermarket equipment, which can reach as high as approx. £20,000, and that cannot recalibrate 100% of the market. Secondly, we offer our partners a fixed rate for recalibration no matter the vehicle make or model.

Only solution approved by manufacturers: we have direct partnerships with over 4,000 manufacturer approved ADAS recalibration centres, where you can be certain that the technology upgrades for vehicles are always up to date.
We do the work for you: if you’re one of our partners, we will organise a customer’s recalibration to take place at one of the dealers in our network at the agreed fixed rate.
Transparency: for each vehicle, we can show that the correct manufacturer process for static and dynamic calibration has been carried out, along with a complete global system check, by a manufacturer trained technician guaranteeing the integrity of the safety systems is restored to manufacturer specification.

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