Tyre brand Falken is expanding its winter tyre portfolio; SUV models for the successful EUROWINTER HS01 range are now available under the name of EUROWINTER HS01 SUV. Like the EUROWINTER HS01, the SUV models have been developed using state-of-the-art technology to deliver top directional stability, superb aquaplaning resistance and excellent grip in wet, icy and snowy conditions.

The tyre features micro-optimised stiffer tread blocks, interlocking lateral grooves and patented 3D ‘Miura-Ori’ sipe technology, a Falken development that shifts the tread blocks to significantly increase the tyre footprint under pressure and tensile load, ensuring the tyre delivers top performance in snowy and wet conditions. Adaptive Constant Pressure (ACP) and Advanced 4D-Nano Design ensure stability and safety on the road. An ACP-enhanced tread delivers even pressure distribution over the tyre’s contact patch; this boosts grip, braking efficiency and directional stability, and also impacts positively on wear.

Advanced 4D-Nano Design technology, harnessing the supercomputer and Synchrotron systems at the SPring-8 Material Research Centre in Japan, simulates and optimises the individual compound elements used in the tyre to nano level, focusing on the polymer chains. The result is improved wear resistance while retaining the excellent wet performance for which Falken is well-known.

“A winter tyre specifically for SUVs is the logical continuation of our strategy of supplying an extensive product portfolio for growing and profitable market sectors,” says Andreas Giese, Senior Manager Division Corporate Planning at Falken Tyre Europe GmbH. “We have also expanded the EUROWINTER HS01 and EUROWINTER VAN01 ranges by adding more sizes; there are now 77 new car sizes and 17 light truck and van sizes. This will boost our market coverage in these sectors.”

The EUROWINTER HS01 SUV is now available in 12 sizes, with a further 27 to be added to the catalogue in 2018. Falken will supply the EUROWINTER HS01 SUV in rim diameters 16 to 19 inches, in series 55 to 70 and in speed ratings H, V and W.

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