10 of the best cleaning products from Euro Car Parts

Winter is coming, and with it the usual deluge of rain, mud and grit to roads of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. For many car enthusiasts, the weather presents its fair share of challenges. Keeping your ride in tip-top condition can feel like an uphill struggle as you travel under a permanent rain cloud.

Luckily, Euro Car Parts, the UK’s leading supplier of car and LCV parts, has the answer, with a huge range of car cleaning products in stock at any time. Listed below are 10 of Euro Car Part’s best-sellers, proven to make sure your pride and joy resembles a car any showroom would be proud of.

Meguiars Headlight Restoration Kit – This drill-operated wool pad cleans and polishes headlamps, removing small scratches and leaving a crystal-clear finish (incl. 118ml Meguiars Plast-RX cleaner).

Carplan No.1 Super Gloss (600ml) – This 10-minute treatment locks in the showroom shine and provides long-lasting protection with no hard rubbing or polishing. Simply spray on and wipe off.

Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax (16oz) – An improved blend of natural Carnauba, polymers and resins goes on easier, shines brighter and lasts longer, delivering an unrivalled deep wet look.

Auto Finesse Tripple All In One Polish (500ml) – Removing stubborn oxidation and providing a glossy finish with a protective layer of T1 grade Brazilian Carnauba wax, this is a must for every detailing bag.

Trade Quality Genuine Lambs Wool Wash Mitt – The plush easy-to-rinse bristles of this lambs wool mitt remove dirt and grit, leaving a cleaner surface to polish without scratching the paintwork.

Carplan TripleWax Car Shampoo (500ml)The famous Triplewax formula cuts through all types of dirt and grime, forming a stunning protective shine, spotless and streak-free every time.

Auto Finesse Temptation Carnauba Wax (150g) – Auto Finesse’s hugely popular entry-level Carnauba wax creates a flawless finish at a highly competitive price point.

Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel – With its large 500x700mm diameter and deep pile, this machine-washable towel has a super-absorbent inner core to easily soak up excess surface water.

Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel (473ml) – The unique chemistry of Endurance stops tyres from turning unsightly brown and keeps them brilliant and black come rain, snow or shine.

Carplan Demon 8pc Valeting Gift Pack – Everything you need for a gleaming car, including multi-purpose interior and exterior cleaner and spray-on shine for paintwork, wheels and bumpers.

To purchase any of these, visit www.eurcarparts.com or get in contact with your local branch.