In 2019 the DVSA introduced connected MOT equipment – one of the biggest changes the industry has seen in a long time.

The new regulations, initially brought in for brake testers, will be extended to decelerometers from 1st February 2020 and emissions testing equipment from spring 2020.

The current system for emissions requires MOT testers to record results and enter them manually into the MOT Testing Service (MTS). With connected equipment, test result data is transferred directly to the MTS with no action required from the tester.

The DVSA’s move towards a connected test lane is to help reduce fraud, decrease data-entry errors and make MOT testing faster and simpler.

What does this mean for MOT Stations?

In some cases, MOT stations will be required to update or replace their existing equipment. Anyone opening a new MOT centre, reopening a closed MOT centre, making a change of ownership to an MOT centre or replacing an existing roller brake tester currently needs a connectable model. As soon as the regulations are extended to decelerometers and emissions equipment, the same rules will apply. This would mean that anyone opening a new MOT station in June, for example, would need all these items to connect to the MTS.

The DVSA has also stated that they intend to introduce connected headlamp aim testers from summer 2020. Brad Calcutt, Director of Boston Garage Equipment commented on this saying, “Since the DVSA has not yet released specifications for this equipment to manufacturers, the introduction of this item is likely to be delayed.”

Boston’s Unique Connected Equipment Solution

Boston Garage Equipment has been at the forefront of this project working with the DVSA since they announced their intentions to manufacturers in 2018.

Their exhaust gas analysers, diesel smoke meters, brake testers, and decelerometer are all DVSA approved for use as connected equipment with many brake tester and emissions customers already connected to the MTS.

The benefit of a Boston connected test lane is that all equipment is operated from one PC control station using one software solution. This means testers benefit from faster, simpler testing, streamlined service and support, and simplified installations.

In addition, their connected equipment comes with a free customer website where all test data and useful statistics displayed. In the future the website will also offer other handy MOT features for MOT stations.

Boston gas analysers and smoke meters and are specifically designed for the busy workshop environment, incorporating the fastest and simplest MOT software procedures. Emissions modules are quick and easy to connect and can be supplied separately or as a combined package. The equipment is also supplied with built-in online support enabling service engineers to connect remotely and provide immediate assistance.

For more information on Boston emissions and their complete range of MOT equipment