Damar International Announced As Exclusive UK Distributor Of Dr!ft Radio Controlled Desktop Racing Simulation

We reckon we’re on fairly safe ground when we say that most of us, certainly those of us with four star coursing through our veins, have fond memories of playing with radio controlled cars as kids, an activity which remains every bit as entertaining today as it was when we were collectively in short trousers! The good news is that the world of radio controlled cars has moved on in leaps and bounds in recent years, and the degree to which this is true is never more blatant than when discussing Damar International’s latest offering – the Dr!ft radio controlled race simulator.

Underpinned by radio controlled technology it might be, but that’s pretty much where the similarities between the Dr!ft Racer and the cars we played with as youngsters ends. Handmade in Germany, each Dr!ft Racer combines the latest in radio control thinking and modern, smartphone technology with something truly unique in this sector, real world automotive chassis dynamics. This has only been made possible thanks to advances in miniaturised construction techniques, not forgetting Dr!ft’s crowing achievement – a custom car handling model with a unique drive concept.

Dr!ft’s unique drive concept has to be witnessed to be truly appreciated, but in essence it permits the ‘driver’ (via the specially created Dr!ft software, an app which can be downloaded onto both Apple and Android devices) to experience the full gamut of real world chassis and handling variables, including understeer, oversteer, and realistically replicated weight transfer when under braking, acceleration and cornering. This has many ramifications, chiefly an utterly addictive driving experience which has more in common with PC-based race simulators than a traditional RC kit. You’ll only truly be able to grasp how good it is when your Dr!ft Racer breaks traction for the first time!

The unique driving concept outlined above has only been rendered possible by the mass adoption and continued refinement of smartphones, namely their sophisticated Graphic User Interfaces and use of pressure recognition technology. This means that control of the Racer can be handled by movement of the device itself, which in turn makes direct, proportional steering inputs possible for a truly immersive, simulation-based driving experience. Said smartphone also enables Dr!ft’s advanced, slider-based setup menu, allowing for minute handling adjustments to be made as and when required – and all without the need for a degree in motorsport chassis setup.

The upshot of all this is a radio controlled car which really does behave in a beguilingly realistic manner. Carry too much speed into a corner (well, a recreation of Eau Rouge using Twiglets) and slam on the brakes, and the front of the Racer will lurch violently downward, with the rear doing the same when powering away and onto the straight. The Dr!ft Racer will pitch and roll when cornering, all accompanied by realistic engine, brake and gear-shifting sounds, plus brake lights and even vibration feedback, leading to a driving experience that’s as immersive as it is addictive.

It’s worth noting that the radio control system found in the Dr!ft is a far, far more sophisticated beast than that found in cars of old, largely thanks to its advanced, inbuilt Bluetooth receiver. This means that your steering, braking and acceleration inputs will be accurately translated to the Dr!ft Racer via internal sensors, which in turn facilitates accurate, real-world movements, all in real time. There’s even an inbuilt emergency stop feature should things go awry and the edge of the track (desk, floor or any other smooth surface) hove into view – simply turn the device’s display downward and the Racer will stop instantly.

Modern technology litters to Dr!ft Racer – it’s far from restricted to the Bluetooth receiver and chassis variables. The company’s commitment to longevity means that multiple updates and software revisions are already in the works, all of which will be 100% free to download. Contemporary thinking is also reflected in the Dr!ft Racer’s driving and charging times, with a scant 30 minutes all that’s required for the inbuilt LiPo battery to be completely re-charged and ready for another half hour of high octane tomfoolery.

The Dr!ft Racer’s suite of capabilities, not to mention its compact 1:43 scale, mean that it can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere. Bored at work or killing time between lessons? Then the Dr!ft is ideal, largely as it can be enjoyed on any smooth surface you care to mention, opening up a whole new world of custom race track possibilities. The only limitation is your imagination, that and enough mates with Dr!ft racers to form a grid of rivals!

Cutting edge it might be, but the Dr!ft Racer is anything but mass produced, with each and every kit being handmade and hand assembled in Germany. This guarantees both the quality of the kit itself and the range of supporting accessories, the latter already expanding at an impressive rate, with different wheel and tyre designs available via the Dr!ft website.

Far more than ‘just another radio controlled car,’ the Dr!ft Racer represents the perfect melding of advanced software, chassis control technology and automotive nous, with the result being the world’s first table top-mounted race simulator, one that’s accessible (and fun) for all the family.

Website Link: www.damar.biz
Video Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdoYe0igYxU