Diagnose a problem, carry out the work and finish the repair with handheld tools and garage equipment from Snap-on




Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) warning light illuminated


If a vehicle comes into a workshop with an illuminated TPMS warning light, this can be diagnosed and fixed by following a series of steps.

First of all, use a Snap-on scan tool such as the VERUS Edge to establish which fault codes are present and which wheel has the problem then, with the aid of a Sun service lift, remove the wheel from the vehicle.

The next stage will be to remove the tyre from the wheel using the Sun STC5325 tyre changer and, if necessary, replace the wheel’s TPMS sensor.

Re-mount the tyre with the STC5325 and it is then important to make sure that the wheel is still correctly balanced before it is re-attached to the vehicle.

Carry out the check using a Sun SWB300L, which pinpoints the precise position to locate the wheel weight positioning, eliminating the requirement to re-balance the wheel, then complete the repair by attaching it back to the vehicle.

The final stage will be to validate the repair by re-connecting the VERUS Edge, confirming that no further faults are present and clearing any codes that remain.