Right out of the factory, BMW’s beloved top athlete M4 makes a well-rounded impression that hardly needs improvement with its dynamic bodywork and large light alloy wheels of at least 18 inches. However, the coupe is at acute risk of catching the Barracuda Virus – the Barracuda Virus rim, that is – as this specimen makes perfectly clear. With this wheel, the BMW optically expresses its enormous dynamic driving potential even more clearly, for which it has the at least 431 horsepower Biturbo in-line six-cylinder to thank.

The single-piece rim is characterized by its matte gunmetal finish and the center with seven spokes. Another special feature is the extreme concave design. The set built into the M4 measures 9×20 inches at the front axle and 10.5×20 inches at the rear axle. The Michelin tires have the dimensions 255/30 ZR20 and 285/30 ZR20.

This combination represents an outstanding fit for the wheel casing of the BMW, especially since its perfect orientation is made even more favorable by the installation of a KW 3 coilover suspension. It lowers the body of the coupe by 50 millimeters at the front and 40 millimeters at the back.

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