Block Exemption Regulation rules allow vehicle owners to choose where their car is serviced or repaired – whilst maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty. Combined with component type-approval regulations that enable aftermarket parts manufacturers to produce certified OE quality replacement parts, the independent garage network can repair even the most recent cars without having to access the OEM supply chain.

This market opportunity only works if the new parts are available, which is why manufacturers such as Klarius launch new-to-range parts frequently, to keep-up with all the new models on the road.

Head of Research and Development at Klarius, Doug Bentley, comments on why the aftermarket needs to be fully conversant with Block Exemption and Type Approval to take full advantage of the opportunities out there.

Our right to a free choice of service garage is enabled by Block Exemption Regulations, which came into force in 2003 and was updated in 2010. The rules are designed to prevent large automotive producers from creating a monopoly with regards to the servicing and repair of the vehicles they manufacture. Ultimately, a Block Exception allows competition within a sector, which should lead to a better deal for consumers.

In the past, car owners would have to rely on the manufacturer’s dealer network to carry out any repair if they wanted to preserve the warranty during the warranty period. Block Exception ensures there are no warranty restrictions like this in the current automotive market, meaning that motorists can choose an independent garage to carry out the repair or servicing instead, without voiding the warranty.

This not only stops anti-competitive practices, it also provides better value for customers. Dealer rates can be expensive compared to independent garages, so consumers tend to support the latter to minimise the cost of repair. However, Block Exception doesn’t mean that independent garages are free operate on a lower quality level compared to main dealers. In fact, the most competent will match or exceed OEM quality in all aspects of service.

Technical data is made available to garages and roadside assistance from manufacturers concerning specification, software, diagnostics and service intervals. This means that independent garage technicians are fully informed regarding a car and its components. Choosing OEM branded replacement parts is expensive however, so sourcing OEM quality aftermarket parts is a must.

Having access to replacement parts for newer vehicles is therefore crucial to the aftermarket and consumers being able to take advantage of the opportunity that Block Exemption provides, which is why Klarius Products develops and releases over 500 new-to-range parts every 12 months. Klarius is the only UK exhaust manufacture who’s products satisfy Block Exemption rules and are approved for aftermarket use on cars that are still under manufacturer warranty.

All 10,000+ OEM quality exhausts, catalytic converters (CATs), diesel particulate filters (DPFs), mountings and accessories are available on a next morning delivery for orders received before 5:30pm.

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