Never content to rest on its (significant) technological laurels, Bilstein has announced an expanded range of B12 suspension kits for those BMW models fitted with the Munich firm’s industry leading Adaptive M-Suspension. The news means that those lucky enough to own a BMW with adaptive suspension can purchase either a B12 Pro Kit or B12 Sportline kit in complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that BMW and Bilstein hardware have been developed to work together in perfect harmony.

BMW has made massive strides in the field of adaptive suspension in recent decades, its much lauded Adaptive M-Suspension system effectively giving drivers complete control over the manner in which their car handles specific roads and road conditions. Damping modes designed for high performance driving, or commuting can now be had throughout the BMW model range, all of which leaves owners in something of a predicament, certainly if they’re keen to lower or otherwise improve their cars via the aftermarket – how to do so without negating BMW’s own, highly regarded Adaptive M-Suspension?

Bilstein’s revised B12 range provides the answer, with both the B12 Pro Kit and B12 Sportline having been developed with BMW adaptive suspension in mind. This means that said owners can effectively have their cake and eat it, with the Bilstein B12 offerings able to work within the technological parameters of BMW’s own hardware and software. The upshot is that those fitting B12 uprights won’t be compromising the functionality of the OEM Electronic Damper Control, the Bilstein hardware having proven its ability to integrate in a seamless fashion.

The Bilstein B12 sub-range is worth looking at in greater detail, if only as it gives BMW options further options depending on precisely what they want from their aftermarket suspension setup. The B12 Pro-Kit promises ride height adjustment from  around 30mm, while those BMW owners seeking even greater control over their car’s chassis would be advised to opt for the B12 Sportline option, complete with maximum lowering of 50mm. Both variants of B12 kit use one of Bilstein’s well regarded B6 Sport dampers as a foundation stone, and both sport a shorter damper paired with a bespoke Eibach spring, one designed for this very application.

The combination of Bilstein B12 hardware and BMW’s own Electronic Damper Control shouldn’t be underestimated, with the power to transform the handling of the vast majority of models within the BMW range, including the BMW 1 series, 2 series, 3 series and 4 series and the respective body style versions Saloon, Touring, Gran Turismo, Coupé, Gran Coupé and Cabriolet. The 2WD models are available now and the all-wheel versions will follow shortly.


B6 damptronics for the new 1-4 series

Front left

23-250727 £408 plus VAT RRP

Front right

23-250734 £408 plus VAT RRP


20-250744 £313 plus VAT RRP