Richard Bennett, Managing Director of Metelli UK is pleased to announce that from March 2nd 2020, FAI Automotive Plc will take over the distribution of Metelli Branded Products for the UK Aftermarket.

This is an exciting announcement for Metelli Spa to partner with FAI in expanding distribution and increasing the product lines it can supply to the UK Aftermarket. Richard re-introduced the brand to the UK over a decade ago but with over 40 years of Aftermarket experience, FAI offers the capability to expand the brand further within this well-established marketplace.

Jonathan Alexander, Commercial Director of FAI Automotive sees the new partnership as a great opportunity to expand into product lines that aren’t currently stocked and to build a larger, joint customer base. To secure the Metelli brand as a part of the FAI family, a long-term supply agreement was signed in December 2019.

“FAI is a company long established in the UK, always looking to expand its horizons. Although more than 50% of our business is now undertaken overseas, the UK still remains our most important market as it’s our home base. With huge support from our Head Office, we are able to drive the partnership with Richard Bennett who will remain the Metelli Country Manager for the UK & Ireland, working alongside the FAI UK Sales Team.” Jonathan Alexander – Commercial Director – FAI Automotive.

An important note to all Metelli customers is that all commercial terms remain as they were under Metelli UK. There will be accounting changes and all orders should be re-directed to FAI through ordering systems as of March 2nd.

Key UK contacts:

  • FAI Automotive Customer Services Information

Debi Gordon / 01525 351818 /

  • FAI Automotive Accounts Electronic Ordering Information

Jennifer Elliott-Rowe / 01525 351825 /

  • FAI Automotive General

Jonathan Alexander / 01525 351817 /

  • Metelli Product Information

Joel Bennett / 01525 351800 /

  • Metelli Country Manager

Richard Bennett / 07917 048343 /